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Dear Dr. Barnett, Just thought I’d drop you a note. It’s been exactly one year since I finished your 26 day program. (I think I am the 56-year-old woman you mention in your ad having lost 19 pounds.) Not only have I had no problem maintaining my loss, but also during those 26 days I lost all my cravings for carbs and wine, and astonishingly enough they have never returned.

This summer I had my annual brain MRI, not only does the tumor remain in remission, I weighed in even ten pounds lighter than when I finished your program – a total loss of 29 pounds! I weighed exactly to the pound what I weighed 12 years ago after 6 weeks of radiation. Since excess weight contributes excessive hormones I need to avoid, my neurologist was thrilled on all fronts. Me too! Thanks again!

Janet Cameron

How Does the Weight Loss Program Work?

Our bodies are programmed to store fat so we can withstand cycles of feast and famine. The hypothalamus gland controls hunger, thirst, temperature and metabolism. It protects us by slowing our metabolisms during times of famine and storing as much fat as possible during prosperous times in preparation for the next famine.

Today, especially in America, most of us experience nothing but feast. Over 60% of Americans are overweight or obese. The high cost of obesity threatens our lives and the economy. The National Institutes of Health reports over $150 billion annually is spent on health care related to obesity! According to TV personality Dr. Oz, the cost over an obese persons lifetime is $258,000 more than a non-obese person. To put that in terms that almost anyone can relate to, that’s twenty-five $10,000 vacations!

Over the past century, we have become experts at the mass production of crops like corn, soybeans and wheat. We have also become experts at fattening livestock with corn (high in sugar), antibiotics and hormones. Processed food companies have created highly addictive concoctions of animals, grains, sugar, fat, salt and additives. Since 1940, over 75,000 chemicals have been created and added to our food chain. Most of them are lipotonic, meaning they trigger fat storage. So, not only are we hard-wired to store fat, the foods we are eating are engineered to create additional fat storage!

Sounds hopeless, but it’s not. Once you realize what’s going on, it becomes easier to make a conscious decision to break the cycle, and become one of the 33% of Americans who are NOT overweight, and that’s exactly what you’re doing right now.

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